I started my own site in 2009 simply to share my knowledge and experiences as a trader. Whenever I meet experienced or newbie traders who are so passionate about trading, there is a unique connection or bond that we form. It’s hard to explain for those who aren’t traders but we immediately start sharing trading stories, ideas and experiences to help each other conquer Wall Street.


Let me share my background with you. I’ve been an independent trader since 1999 and experienced a lot of wonderful highs and challenging lows. I’m fortunate to say that it was my persistence and passion that got me through this. Growing up, I never thought that I would become a trader given what my parents taught me about the risks of the stock market. I graduated from university with a business degree and immediately launched into a career as a Bean Counter. I loved numbers but felt that there was much more to explore. My path then led me to work for various companies including one of Canada’s fastest growing company, a financial advisory firm, several publicly traded companies and a stock market data provider. Then one day, I decided that I had enough of the corporate world and decided to immerse myself into the trading world. Having an entrepreneurial spirit definitely helped my transition into becoming a trader as it had all the benefits of being your own boss and able to work from anywhere in the world.


Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and partner with various firms in the financial industry including venture capitalists, brokerage firms, investor relations, stock exchanges and day trading firms. With my vast knowledge and experiences, I started my coaching business in 2005 to help traders achieve the same level of success that I had in the Financial Markets. By 2011, I had many successful students including ones who went on to make millions in trading. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to develop a steady stream of even more successful traders. My passion is trading and it has allowed me to live a lifestyle that cultivates a truly cosmopolitan perspective of the global community. I’ve traveled around the world and since 2016, I’ve been mainly based in Asia. I’m honored to be featured in the public media to share my trading experiences, including ForbesGlobe&Mail, Macleans, and BBC. Also, I’ve been on the other side of the media as a finance columnist for Ming Pao, one of the most popular Chinese-language newspapers in Canada. An immensely motivated teacher of all things stock-related, I’ve spoken at numerous trading events including the World Money Show & International Traders Expo on subjects ranging from Risk Management to Technical Analysis. As well, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with numerous brokerage firms to train their clients on my trading methodology.


I hope you enjoy my site.

Mike Ser


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