Achieving your Goals

18 Apr Achieving your Goals

I hear a lot of people tell me that their daily life is so busy that they don’t have any time to do anything or let alone, set aside time to trade. On the weekdays, they struggle to get to work and once they get home from work, they are preoccupied with their daily routine of cooking dinner and watching their favorite sitcom. Then when the weekends come, they go out to have fun and party with their friends. There’s nothing wrong with this but when I hear these people complain about their life and how they’re not making enough money, I tell them that they’re not allocating enough time to focus on their goals. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Write down all the goals that you want to achieve
  2. Prioritize what goals that are the most important to you
  3. Write down a time deadline that you wish to accomplish each goal
  4. If your goal is a financial one, write down the $ amount that you need to reach and calculate how much you need to accumulate every month
  5. Determine whether these goals are realistic and adjust accordingly
  6. Review these goals every day and ask yourself what you are doing to achieve them

One key that has helped me get started in reaching all my goals is to focus on one or two short term goals that you can achieve right away. Once you realize that it’s not as difficult as you thought, you will feel confident of reaching all your goals and living the life you always wanted.

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