A Trading Success Story

30 May A Trading Success Story

Last week, one of my students emailed me and told me that he turned $1,500 into $300,000. An astronomical 20,000% !!! Whoa-ho, and the unbelievable thing is he achieved that in 2 weeks. You’re probably thinking that he must’ve bought some penny stock or very speculative investment, or he took a huge amount of risk. Believe me guys, I’m not someone to hype things up, but my student is the real deal. So what’s my point here? It’s basic. Instead of thinking that you don’t have the ability to achieve this type of success, stay positive and start believing you can. It’s not a matter of “IF I CAN” but a matter of believing “I CAN“.

  • Tim G
    Posted at 10:20h, 01 June

    Amazing! How did he do it?

  • Lee
    Posted at 22:55h, 28 June

    This is amazing as I knowit must have taken great money management as well as discipline and consistenecy. How is he doing now? What practicl rules or advice can he offer?

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