Best Mobile Apps For Trading

03 Apr Best Mobile Apps For Trading

Keeping up to speed with the market and economic events is critical as a trader, where you stand to make enormous gains or losses depending on breaking news or results. So how do you keep informed while you’re on the go? Here are the best mobile apps for trading.

Yahoo Finance: A dual platform app, Yahoo Finance is one of the best sources for live data covering an assortment of financial instruments, and can be individually modified to focus on particular stocks, segments or news stories.

Bloomberg+: Known synonymously around the world, Bloomberg have developed an Android app that covers all the latest business news as it happens. There is also functionality to tailor the news stream to your interests, and set up a watch list for particular financial instruments.

Stock Wars Virtual Investing: Designed to assist traders with portfolio management and help you become a better trader, this iOS app facilitates live orders and allows traders to monitor the performance of forex or equities being traded on multiple exchanges. Social media support allows users to connect and discuss.

StockTouch: One for iOS users, StockTouch uses color coding to illustrate the momentum of the top 900 US stocks based on whether they are increasing in value, while it can also be used to track sectors and international stocks.

StockTwits: Developed for Android devices, StockTwits is favored for its ‘sentiment’ gauge – an indicator that provides a bullish or bearish outlook on particular stocks based on users’ feedback. The app also allows users to connect and follow trending stocks.

With these great apps, there’s no reason to miss out on any events in the market when you leave the office. What’s more, each of them will help give you access to the information you need, and improve your trading.

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