Car Sharing Network

29 Jun Car Sharing Network


Not too long ago, it seemed that everybody was moving out into the suburbs where they can live in their big houses and drive their gas guzzling SUV’s to commute around. But nowadays, it seems more people are moving back into the city to take advantage of a more active lifestyle. With less traveling, it seems the trend is towards having a smaller car or not having a car at all. One company that seems to be taking advantage of this trend is Zipcar. They are the largest car sharing network in the world and are taking a lot of business from the car rental companies. With their service, you can rent a car by the hour or by the day and their service is so simple to use. You just book your car online, walk to your chosen car conveniently parked at a location close to you, swipe your access card and drive off. Zipcar just started trading on the NASDAQ this year under the ticker symbol ZIP.

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