Anyone can become a good trader as long as you know your edge

My proven training model is built on 3 principles.


    I will teach you the trading skills and strategies that have helped my students make money in the financial markets. You will have complete access to my vast library of Trading Success videos and attend our LIVE in-person weekly workshops.


    I’ll design a personalized trading program that suits you and helps you become a trader expert in your chosen area of focus. I’ll consider your personal goals, strengths and weaknesses, and personality factors.


    In addition to working closely with me, you will be invited to join our exclusive trader community where you will have the opportunity to meet other traders to discuss the markets. These weekly sessions are where you’ll be able to learn from and share trading ideas with our other trader experts.


  • Trader Development Program (60 days)

  • This is my intensive, foundational program designed for traders who have limited knowledge and experience in the financial markets. You will get access to my comprehensive library of training videos where I’ll cover core topics such as Technical Analysis (Chart Reading, Indicators, Tools), Active Trading Methods & Strategies, and Managing Your Risk.

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  • Advanced Trader Development Program (60 Days)

  • This is my advanced program for those who have completed my foundational course or those who have been actively trading for 2+ years. You will get access to my library of advanced training videos where I’ll cover topics such as Advanced Trading Strategies, Leveraging Yourself to Bigger Profits and Mastering the Mental Game. During my LIVE in person weekly training workshops,


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  • Personal Mentorship Program (6 Months – 1 Year)

  • This is for those who want to work with me on an 1 on 1 basis so you have a personal mentor beside you throughout your trading journey. I’ll help you develop a personalized trading plan, build and test specific trading strategies, review your trade plans and ultimately, help you reach your goals. This is for those who have enrolled in both the foundational and advanced programs only.


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