To a New Beginning!

12 Mar To a New Beginning!

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been spending the past months redesigning my new blog for a fresh start. I started off this blog back in 2009 as a hobby to educate everyone on trading and share my experiences in the stock markets. As I took on more projects and became wrapped up in trading, I couldn’t dedicate as much time as I would’ve wanted to towards my blog on a consistent daily basis, let alone a weekly basis. However, I’ve decided this time round to commit 100% to this project and make it a success with your help. What I hope this blog will achieve is for it to allow me to express my thoughts, share my experiences, and hear from all of you. I won’t always be talking about trading and the stock markets, but rather about things that I just find interesting in general. It’s going to be super exciting! Hope you all enjoy it!



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