Inside the Life of a Day Trader: Part ii

14 Jul Inside the Life of a Day Trader: Part ii

Continuing from my last post… When I prepare for the trading day, I’d make a small breakfast so I would be energized for the morning. Sometimes a bowl of rice krispies cereal hits the spot. I’d turn on the tv in the living room to CNBC, the popular business news channel so I could catch up on what’s happening in the news. Once I’m done breakfast, I head straight to my trading room where the real action begins. In my trading room sits my desk, 2 computers and 5 lcd monitors. Don’t ask why I need 5 monitors and it isn’t for playing video games. Also, I have a small tv where I have it set to CNBC business news channel. I turn on my 2 computers which are loaded with all my broker and charting software. This is where my work day begins. I check to see how the markets did in Asia overnight and how they are currently doing in the European markets. Also, I check to see if there’s any news that I need to be aware of on the stocks that I will be trading. I read through my trading plan that I wrote the night before to see if I need to make any changes to it. I check all my price orders to make sure they are set. Then the bell rings at 9:30am and the real action starts. Stay tuned for part iii next week.

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