Inside the Life of a Day Trader: Part i

13 Jul Inside the Life of a Day Trader: Part i

Many people wonder what the life of a Trader must be like. Is it like what you see in the movie, Wall Street? After that movie came out, everyone wanted to be Gordon Gecko, the big shot trader who made millions in profits. I know I did. But is that a realistic depiction of what a trader is? You might also see on tv where people are yelling and screaming on the floor of the stock exchange or in the tv commercials where you see a trader sit in front of his computer while numbers keep flashing everywhere. Well in this 5 part series, let me share with you what a typical day looks like for me as a trader. Perhaps it will inspire you to pursue this journey. My day typically starts off when I wake up at 8am in the morning. When I used to live on the west coast, my day started very early at 5am due to the time zone differences but my day would end very early at 1pm in the afternoon. What I liked the most was when I was traveling in Europe, I didn’t wake up until noon to begin my trading day. Good thing because I usually don’t get home til 3am in the morning. Don’t ask why. It might have to do with having a few drinks. Also, since you’re the boss, sometimes if you don’t feel like waking up then you can sleep in all day. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow when we’ll discuss what a day trader does.

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