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26 Apr Feng Shui

Anyone believe in superstitions? Maybe you blame your bad day due to the fact that it is Friday the 13th? Or perhaps you walked under a ladder? Or you open an umbrella in the house and this will lead to bad luck for you. Some traders and investors, especially Asians, including me tend to be aware of superstition beliefs and how it may impact their luck in the stock market. Luck? Some of you may be thinking that there’s no such thing as luck right? Well if you’re hoping that having luck will help you make money then I think you need to get a reality check. But… I think that if you can create a positive environment where you work or trade then it can potentially increase your productivity and ability to make money. This concept is commonly referred to as Feng Shui. For those who don’t know, the word feng shui translated from Chinese to English means wind – water. It is a Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings and used to analyze the energy of any given space. This means that the way of choosing and arranging work spaces can promote balance, comfort and therefore, lead to health, wealth and success.

So let me give you one example of how I practice feng shui. One example is no matter what environment that I work or trade in, I prefer to sit in a position of strength where I can see what is going on in my surroundings at any given time. This may mean that I choose to sit in an area where my back is against a wall. The reason for this is you don’t want to sit in a vulnerable position where you could be surprised by someone sneaking behind you. If we have the chance to meet, don’t take it personally if I fight you for the seat closest to the wall.

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