Global crisis

17 Mar Global crisis


In the past few months, investors all around the world have faced a tumultuous and rocky decline in the global stock markets. We’ve had so many events happen in such a short period of time that include the uprisings in the Middle East and the Japan tsunami. First, we had the Egypt protests and violence that led to the stepping down of Mubarak, Egypt’s dictator. Then, we had Gaddafi, the Libyan leader who tried to suppress a civil war from starting and it led to the deaths of many Anti-Gaddafi protesters. Also, we had the earthquake in Japan which led to a huge tsunami literally wiping out a Japanese town. Also, this has led to major damages to some of Japan’s nuclear plants and now there are worries that we could have a nuclear disaster on our hands. Wow!

My prayers and hearts go out to all those who were affected by all these events. So what’s my point here? When there is chaos and crisis in the world, rather than focus on the negative aspect, we should focus on the opportunities that ariseĀ  due to these events. Maybe look to benefit from short selling stocks (ie. profiting from the downside) or buying stocks at lower prices. I know this may seem shallow of traders to try to profit from the despair of others but this is how traders like myself have initiatives to donate a portion of our trading profits to those in need.

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