Is the Global Economic Recovery in Trouble?

21 Jun Is the Global Economic Recovery in Trouble?


Based on recent economic data reported in the past few months, it doesn’t look like the global economy is in great shape and there are suggestions that we may face a double dip recession. Yeah it sucks bigtime. The global stock market has already indicated this by falling very sharply in just the past two months. Employment doesn’t seem to be improving as there are reports that wall street banks are laying off people and the unemployment rate is still very high. Add the European crisis especially in Greece and the economic slowdown in Japan due to the tsunami and things don’t look so good. So what do you do in a doom and gloom scenario? Personally, I don’t think we’re going to experience the same kind of financial crisis that occurred between 2007-2009. What history has shown us is the best time to look for opportunities is during the worst of times. Just take a look at the stock market performance from March 2009 to now. Sit back and wait for the opportunities to appear.

  • Nick Peacock
    Posted at 04:55h, 23 June

    Lets hope there are many opportunistic areas in the future Mike

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