Goal Setting For 2012

17 Jan Goal Setting For 2012

Now that we’re in the 3rd week of 2012, how many of you have already made new years resolutions and actually written them down? Come on… be honest. If you haven’t then I would suggest you allocate 30 minutes tomorrow and write them all down. Once you’ve done that, put beside each resolution or goal what you need to do every day to accomplish that and what will happen if you didn’t achieve those goals. Think about how much pain you would have if you didn’t put an effort towards it. This will help motivate you to avoid this pain. As well, put a time deadline on when you need to have that goal accomplished. Lastly, the most important thing is to make sure you review your goals every day. Often times you write down your master plan on what you want to achieve and then you forget about it. This happens with so many people and this is the biggest reason why people never achieve their goals. There are 4 questions that you need to answer to yourself every day:

WHAT goals do you want to achieve this year?

WHY do you want to achieve these goals?

HOW are you going to achieve them?

WHEN do you want to achieve your goals by?

Once you answer these 4 questions, you’re on your way to accomplishing every goal that you set your mind to. Good luck!


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