Happy New Year Traders!

16 Jan Happy New Year Traders!

I hope everyone had an amazing 2011 and look forward to another wonderful year in 2012. 2011 had been one of the most exciting and rewarding times for me. I have helped many people leave their day jobs behind for good to become full time traders, developed an amazing online trader community, launched several successful training programs, and cultivated many long lasting friendships.

Also, I’m sure you heard me talk so proudly of Andy Man who became my first Millionaire Student, turning $1,600 into almost $2 million in 2011. What an incredible accomplishment!

It just makes my year having success stories like Andy and others whom I’ve mentored and seen them grow as traders. To know that I had such an impact on other people’s lives makes me feel energized and inspired to keep doing what I love. It’s like a father seeing his child grow up and become successful at whatever he/she focuses on.

In 2012, I’m on a mission to continue mentoring and developing many more millionaire students. Please keep checking my blog for daily posts on my insights about the markets.


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