Want to Make Lots of Peanuts?

23 Jun Want to Make Lots of Peanuts?


Sticking to a similar theme from my last post, last week I was telling you how proud I was about one of my students who turned basically peanuts into hundreds of thousands of peanuts. That’s a lot of peanuts!!! I reached out to him and he shared with me his amazing story. While I was listening, one thing stood out in my mind. Do you know what quality he has that some people still struggle with? It’s their interpretation of what money is. Some people who lose money in the stock market associate negative feelings such as “Oh man. I just lost my salary equivalent for the day or week OR I better take this profit in case I lose it all again.” They associate money having an emotional value to it. To my student, he didn’t focus on the peanuts that were growing like mountains. He merely looked at these peanuts as numbers and calmly traded the stock market according to what he saw. What a true peanut guru!

  • nick
    Posted at 15:28h, 29 June

    I think your so right Mike I have been told this, and read this in various books. But when you have a bad run its still difficult to grasp and hold on to that idea even though deep down you know its right. I continue to strive to think only in a positive way, after all we cant take are money with us. Think continued education and understanding are essential to progress.

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