Trader Success Story: Millionaire Trader

17 Oct Trader Success Story: Millionaire Trader

We’ve all read and heard the marketing pitches of how you can be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and become a millionaire trading the stock market. For some people, it’s a dream but for one of my students, Andy, it is a reality.You may remember me talking about him in May of this year when he turned $1,500 into $300,000 in 2 weeks. Well, he informed me a few weeks ago that he became a millionaire. How? Andy continued to produce amazing results turning that $1,657 into $1.4 million dollars!!! Yes… that is 6 zeros after the number and an astronomical 100,000% return in 5 months. No there is no typo. He did that in 5 months from May til Sept 2011. You’re probably still asking “How did he do that?” Well, that is truly a million dollar question. Andy started trading just 3-4 years ago and decided to develop his expertise in the precious metals sector. He profited from trading gold and silver, and the amazing thing is he profited mainly from the price of gold/silver dropping. The concept is called short selling. I’ll share more of his strategies, methodology and mindset throughout my blog in future posts but what I wanted to let all of you know is you can be a millionaire from trading. It’s not a distance dream like winning the lottery but a reality, if you wish to make trading a success.

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