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14 Nov Part Time Gold Trader

Many of you who have been following my blog for a long time have heard me speak very highly of one of my most successful students, Andy Man. He was one of my students who I trained back in early 2007 and when I first met him, he knew nothing about the stock market but was determined to know everything about it. He was a very good student in the sense that he followed exactly what I told him to do and tried not to break any trading rules. At first, he struggled to make sense of what markets he should trade as we were deeply focused on high flying technology stocks that were so profitable at that time. However, over time we worked together and he decided to focus exclusively on the precious metals sector, specifically Gold and Silver. In fact, as the financial crisis was in full force in 2008-2009, it seemed like the only sector that was going up was Gold and Andy took advantage of the opportunities that appeared. As well, since the Gold and Silver Market traded 24 hours, this schedule fit him perfectly since he didn’t want to quit his job. One thing I do know about Andy is he’s very passionate about trading and he put in the hard work to really learn how to trade well. Most people give up on trading too early because they feel it’s too difficult or they don’t believe they can succeed. Trading wasn’t always profitable for Andy and he shared with me many obstacles that he faced. One conversation we had before was when he told me that if he wasn’t making money in the markets then he’ll keep trying until he did. That told me that he had the desire to succeed and that one day, he will succeed.

Just only a month and half ago, Andy told me that he turned $1,600 into $1.7 million while trading silver starting in may of this year. A phenomenal achievement! I told him that he should share his trading success with everyone, just like how I shared my knowledge and experiences with him just under 5 years ago. This is how we formed Ser Man Traders. You can find a lot of videos and information on our site at

We wish you much trading success!

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