Is this the End of the Physical Book Store?

09 Jun Is this the End of the Physical Book Store?


I read an article in the newspaper last month that the sales of e-Books by has now officially overtaken the sales of physical books. That’s pretty incredible growth especially due to the popular demand for e-Book readers like the iPad from Apple, Kindle from Amazon and Nook from Barnes & Noble. So does this mean the end of the physical book or the physical book store? It’s a shame, but I think it might be so. I am an avid book reader and usually pack at least one physical book along whenever I travel. This time, I brought my Kindle and iPad.

  • Nick Peacock
    Posted at 15:56h, 15 June

    my last set of books

    New market wizards.
    The talent code.
    Why people don’t heal and how they can.
    spirit of the tao.

    Where all bought from Amazon. Its so easy. think as people we always want the easy option.

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