How can I quit my job and trade for a living?

28 Jul How can I quit my job and trade for a living?

Many of you go into trading with the hopes of quitting your job and trading full-time for a living right away. That’s the ultimate dream right? Making millions in the comfort of your home with a few clicks of a button. Then reality sets in as you calculate how much you need to make every month just to pay your rent/mortgage and other monthly expenses. Add it all up and your dreams of trading for a living fade especially for those who live in expensive cities like New York or London. Now I’m not saying that trading can’t help you make millions but it’s unrealistic to expect that right away. So what do you do? I got a few suggestions. One is to make sure you have about 3-6 months of basic expenses covered. This could be from your savings or other liquid assets. Second is to reduce any unnecessary expenses. Live frugally until you are consistent as a trader. Third is live in a city or country where the cost of living is very low. In tomorrow’s post, I will share with you how to literally trade in paradise.

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