Hiding Food Inflation

12 Apr Hiding Food Inflation

Has anyone noticed while you’re shopping at your local supermarket that the prices of fruits and vegetables are higher than what you’re accustomed to? Maybe you found the prices of oranges or bananas to be more per pound, or kilogram? The reasons are rising oil prices and agricultural commodities such as corn, wheat whose prices are rising as well. Traders and Investors in these commodities have done very well over the past year or two, but if these commodity prices continue higher then it doesn’t bode well for our pocketbooks.

Another interesting thing I found is that some food manufacturers have misled consumers into thinking that their food products have not gone up in price. In fact, they did but they cleverly disguised these price increases by reducing the amount of food products in each box. I noticed this with my favorite bag of Doritos chips a few weeks ago when I cleaned out the entire bag in record time (Yeah, I know I gotta shed off the calories now…). Coincidentally, I came across this article,  The incredible shrinking Doritos bag that describes the reason for my record breaking chip eating craze.

  • Jason
    Posted at 16:04h, 12 April

    I totally agree with you Mike. I bought some toothpaste last week and noticed the new packaging. The tube was much smaller than before and I thought I got a good deal on it. Boy was I scammed!

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