Student Success Story

11 Jul Student Success Story


Last month when I was in New York, my student, Jason Chan told me of his amazing trading turnaround story and I wanted to share his success story with all of you. Just to give you a little background about Jason. He is currently a full-time IT professional working at a startup company. He has been trading for well over 10 years and hasn’t achieved much consistency in his trading performance before he went through my program. The biggest turnaround for him was to completely get away from his gambling mentality and his “go Big or go home” philosophy. He had huge successes when he was right but huge losses when he was wrong. This created a roller coaster ride or unstable trading environment for him. When he began to practice proper money management and the focus on risk, his trading drastically improved. His HUGE turnaround has led to a return of 89% so far.

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