Are We Near Another Tech Bubble?

17 May Are We Near Another Tech Bubble?

Did you hear the news last week that Skype, the popular internet phone company just got bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion dollars? Yes a BIG B. Did I tell you that Skype isn’t even profitable yet with losses last year of $7 million. Or how bout¬† Facebook, the social network giant being on its way to be worth close to $100 billion? Or how bout money losing Twitter, the popular social media company worth over $10 billion and the list goes on specifically on hot Internet companies. Do I smell Dot Com Bust 2.0?¬† What happened to Webvan? eToys? They all raised millions of dollars in the late 90’s only to go bankrupt a few years later. Experts say that these new Internet companies are different from their previous counterparts in the late 90’s because they have real revenue and a solid business model. We’ll see what happens. But start worrying if your grandma starts asking you for advice on what Internet company to put her retirement savings into.

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