How to Save Time and Become More Productive

27 Jun How to Save Time and Become More Productive


Have you ever said that to yourself or told someone that when you’re frustrated about your crazy, busy life? Come on… you did. Didn’t you? It’s okay to admit that. I live a pretty busy life with many things happening all the time so how do I manage them effectively. Let me share with you one simple tip.

I want you to write down everything, and I mean everything that you do every day for an entire week. This means things like commuting to work, talking on the phone, work related tasks, eating, watching tv etc… Beside each thing you do, I want you to write down how long it takes you to perform each task. At the end of the week, review all the things that you did and you will be amazed at how much time you wasted or weren’t productive. Eliminate the time wasting activities and you’ll realize that you have lots of free time to relax. If you still don’t have much free time, I’ll share in future posts about how to be more productive in work and in life.

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