This is my intensive training program designed for those who have limited trading knowledge and experience, and wish to build a strong foundation in trading. You will work closely with me to develop the proper knowledge, skills and tools for you to succeed. My program includes access to my Swing Trading Success online training videos as well as training exercises for you to practice your skills. You will attend my LIVE weekly training workshops where you will learn how I apply the concepts you’ve learned in the real markets.




  • Getting Started in Active Trading
    • Stock Market Terminology
    • Trader Workstation Setup
    • Risk Capital
  • Brokerage Accounts
    • Technical Analysis Explained
    • Technical Analysis Tools
    • Candlesticks / Trend lines
    • Support/Resistance Levels
    • Technical Indicators
  • Trader & Personal Goals



  • Active Trading Methods and Strategies
  • Trading Strategies
    • Buying
    • Pyramiding
    • Taking Profits
    • Taking Losses
  • Short Selling
  • Types of Orders
  • Identifying Profitable Chart Patterns
    • Trading Strategies
    • Chart Examples



  • Active Trading Methods and Strategies
  • Stock Selection Criteria
  • Trading Strategies
    • Earnings Season
    • News Announcements


  • Fundamental Analysis Explained
    • Market Catalysts
    • Oil Trading
    • Gold Trading



  • Risk Management
    • Position Sizing
    • Risk Calculator Demo
    • Good Money Management


  • Active Trading Plan
    • Writing your Trade Plan
    • Trade Plan Template
    • Brokerage Platform Demo


I will sit down with you to design a personalized trading program and help you develop a trading style to fit you. I’ll consider your personal objectives. I’ll look at your strengths and weaknesses. For those who have traded before, I’ll review all your trading records to help you eliminate your mistakes and repeat your successes. Once I gather all the information from you, I can offer guidance on what areas to focus on and areas to improve on. This will all be based on your personality profile, lifestyle choices, goals and other factors.


Once you have determined your area of focus, you will be invited to join my exclusive trader community and attend my weekly live workshops. This is where you’ll be able to meet our other trader specialists and share trading ideas with each other. As well, I’ll be helping you put together a portfolio and manage it together using a demo account. I’ll go through all your trades and determine how it fits in your portfolio. The focus here is to work on your strengths and get you to specialize in one particular area.


After the program is completed, you will be encouraged to continue learning through me and my trader specialists by attending my weekly trader workshops and sending us trade plans that you like us to review for you. This will be on a monthly basis and you can continue for as long as you want.