Trading in the Virtual Reality World

14 Sep Trading in the Virtual Reality World

I’m always constantly on the lookout for new technology that can help me improve my trading and a few of the buzz words lately have been VR and AR which stand for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality respectively. Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and coming soon in a big way, Apple, are providing the hardware and platform for many developers to build applications that can help improve our work and transform industries. One industry in particular, the financial or specifically the financial markets can benefit immensely with the new technology and help traders make better trading decisions. So what is the VR/AR technology out there that is causing a lot of excitement among traders? The best way to explain is to show you a Youtube video that I came across last year that showed you a glimpse of the future of trading.

When I first came across this video, I was super excited and wanted to know where I can buy the Microsoft Hololens and the application for this type of trader workstation setup. Well, I was disappointed to find out that this was just a proof of concept for a virtual trading desk and having spoken to the developers behind this, it may be several years away from this becoming a reality. However, it’s not all bad news as I want to let all of you know that I’ve been working (secretly) with a team that will bring some of the features shown in the video to become a reality. Stay tuned for updates!


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