Trading for a Living

19 Jul Trading for a Living

These few weeks, I’m just in the trading frame of mind and thought I would continue sharing my life experiences as a trader. As some of you know, trading for a living can offer so many advantages. You can work whenever you want. You are the boss and if you don’t feel like working today then you don’t need to call in sick or play hooky. You can work wherever you want. I’ve traded in hotels in places like Tokyo, Bahamas, Shanghai, Prague, London and many other places. Depending on where you were, you could start your day in the morning, afternoon or evenings. You can make however much you want. I’ve made my daily financial targets sometimes in as little as 10 minutes before. Once you are a consistent trader, the best feeling is that you have the ability to make money anytime or anywhere in the world. HOWEVER, it has taken me years of tears, agony, highs and lows in order to reach this stage in my trading career. So what is my best advice for those who are considering taking the big jump? I may sound like I am promoting myself but the best advice I can give is to FIND A GOOD MENTOR. This will save you the frustrations of trial & error, newbie mistakes and most importantly, a whole chunk of money out of your wallet. Who better to learn from someone who has been through it? I know I did and I got scars to prove it.

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