My Trading Workstation

31 Oct My Trading Workstation

Recently, I’ve gotten lots of emails from my loyal readers asking me what kind of trader workstation do I have set up in my trading office. So what I did is take a picture of my computer setup.

I am not even going to go into details about the technical specifications of my computer because I don’t really understand what all the mumbo jumbo tech stuff means. All I know is I just got a very powerful desktop computer that is mainly designed for gaming purposes. It has a very fast and powerful processor that is capable of handling up to 8 monitors at once. You can see that I only have 4 monitors (2 vertically placed 21.5 LCD Monitors and 2 19″ lcd monitors) for now. But 8 is a pretty lucky in Chinese so maybe I should add more soon. No…. I don’t have a monitor fetish. It’s just a trader thing…. Anyhow, I would suggest that if you’re day trading to get the widescreen LCD Monitors that allow you to place the monitor in Portrait format. It allows you to see the charts so much better.

Also, you can see that I keep my trading desk very simple and organized. You want to feel that you have a clear and uncluttered mind while you’re trading. Lastly, I do suggest that you only use a wired keyboard or mouse instead of wireless. You never know when you’re in the middle of a trade and your batteries or your wireless connection dies.



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