Upcoming Workshop @ NY Traders Expo (Feb 21-23)

04 Feb Upcoming Workshop @ NY Traders Expo (Feb 21-23)


I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to speak at last year’s World Money Show in Toronto where I talked to attendees about the importance of not being a Jack of All Traders, meaning that you should focus on becoming an expert in 1 specific area of trading rather than trying to know everything about the markets. For example, one could choose to focus on the Oil sector by studying oil producing companies who could withstand the low prices right now and emerge stronger once oil prices stabilize. As well, they would research which oil companies are low cost producers and have strong balance sheets, especially cash. Lastly, they would monitor the price charts of these oil companies to determine what is the best price to buy these stocks at. With this specific focus and monitoring both the fundamental and technical aspects of these companies, do you think one could achieve greater success than someone who is monitoring hundreds of trading opportunities out there? I bet you know the answer already. This is exactly how we have been successful at trading and our group of specialists (aka students) have been successful because they choose to focus on being an expert in 1 particular area. Once they are comfortable with 1 area of expertise then they can focus on developing another area of expertise.

This coming month, I’ve been asked to speak at the Traders Expo in New York on February 23 at 11:30am EDT and I would like to welcome all of you to join me. You can register for FREE by clicking on the link here. REGISTER FREE FOR TRADERS EXPO  Please mention Priority Code (040463) to get free access to the event.

I will be teaching about how traders can develop their own personalized trading plan and achieve success through trading. You see, many traders spend too much time trying to predict the direction of the markets and researching the latest news on the markets. What they don’t spend enough time on is themselves and determining what kind of opportunities fit within their plan. Before they can make money in the markets, they need to understand what their goals are, how much capital they have and willing to risk, what’s their area of focus and what strategy will they use to capture those specific trading opportunities they are waiting for in the markets. If you havent done that and developed your own personalized trading plan, stay out of the markets.

Come join me at the Traders Expo in New York City on February 23 @ 11:30am EDT.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

See you there!

Mike Ser

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